About Us

The passion to create the ethnic attires to arouse the superb human in
you and evoke the hidden confidence of a women, Lebas has taken a solid foundation. With the vast experience in pure handloom product manufacturing & entrusted from the experience of primary company Azim group, banarasilebas.com is a movement to make the handloom admiring people delighted.  

    We design and create something that catches your eye and enlarges it with our beautiful product. Moreover, our premium clothes makes you feel royal and your skin never wants to get away from it.     Lebas is the ethnic brand to let you create your own space and look fantastic. Our creations are inspired by the purity of Banaras and dignity of Kashi. It makes you simply mesmerizing.  

    We have taken the pain to retain the century old tradition of hand-weaving. The fabrics developed by handloom is further crafted with modern designs by our expertise team.  

    We are weaving the products such as Sarees, Salwar Suits, Lehengas and Dupattas. We are expanding our product range with some exclusive banarasi stuffs.     We take pride in taking the heritage of Varanasi to global fashion stage. And this is the facility for our clients across the globe and throughout India to shop the best banarasi lebas online.